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Maria Helena Maia


Maria Helena Teixeira Maia

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Maria Helena Maia holds an MA in History – Art and Archeology (University of Oporto, Portugal) and a PhD in Modern Architecture and Restoration (University of Valladolid, Spain). She is a full-time tenured assistant professor and deputy-director at ESAP – Escola Superior Artística do Porto [Oporto University School of Arts]. She was deputy-director (1985; 1999-2003) and co-coordinator (1985-87; 1998-99) of ESAP’s Architecture Master Program, and president [by successive elections] of the ESAP’s scientific council (2002-2015). Since 2015 she is deputy-director of ESAP.

Maria Helena Maia is an affiliated researcher of ESAP’s Centro de Estudos Arnaldo Araújo since 1999. After the CEAA was recognized as a FCT research unit (nº 4041) in 2007, she assumed its scientific coordination and became the principal investigator of the Theory, Criticism and History of Architecture group, currently the Architectural Studies research grou, until 2022. In 2011, she was appointed head of CEAA. 

She has been developing research in the field of Theory and History of Architecture, and it is worth mentioning the participation in three FCT projects already completed, all with final evaluation A: "Popular Architecture in Portugal. A Critical Reading (2010-2013), as PI; Photography, Modern Architecture and the "Porto School". Interpretations around the Teófilo Rego Archive (2013-2015) and Southern Modernisms (2014-2015), as a member of the research team.

She also was one of the principal investigators of the MODESCAPES project | Modernist Reinventions of the Rural Landscapes (HERA.15.097)