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César Machado Moreira is PhD in Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, University of Porto (with a FCT PhD grant ref. SFRH/BD/72332/2010). Master by University Lusíada – Famalicão in 2009. Master by Escuela Superior Técnica d’Arquitectura de Barcelona in 2000. Graduate in Architecture in 1998 by Universidade Lusíada do Porto.

He teaches architecture at Universty Lusíada since 2001.

César Machado Moreira is a researcher of Arnaldo Araújo. Research Center (CEAA) and was member of the team of the FCT  project Photography, Modern Architecture and The “School of Oporto” Interpretations around Teófilo Rego Archive (PTDC/ATP-AQI/4805/2012 – FCOMP-01-0124-FEDER-028054).

He published several articles such as:

– Hydroelectric towns in Portugal in International Conference 20th Century New Towns. Archetypes and Uncertainties, Escola Superior Artística do Porto, 2014;

– “Hidroeléctrica do Cávado 1954 a 1968 – Processos de electrificação da paisagem” in Januário Godinho, Leituras do Movimento Moderno, CEAA, 2013, Porto;

– “Photography, landscape and modern architecture: Januário Godinho, Teófilo Rego and Álvaro Cardoso de Azevedo – The HICA connection” in Comtemphoto’13 Contemporary Photography Conference, Visualization & Urban History in Contemporary Photography, 2013, Istambul;

– “Hidroeléctrica do Cávado – A paisagem como património” in Património em Construção, Contextos para a sua preservação, LNEC, 2011, Lisboa.

He was teem member of the FCT project Photography, Modern Architecture and the “School of Oporto”: Interpretations around Teófilo Rego Archive” (2013-2015) and of the transnational collaborative project MODSCAPES - Modernist Reinvention of the Rural Landscape (HERA).

He also develops activity as an architect since 2002, and his architectural work was published and represented in several national and international exhibitions.