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Tiago Lopes Dias


Tiago Lopes Dias


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Tiago Lopes Dias (Porto, 1978) is Architect by the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto (2004) and PhD in Theory and History of Architecture by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (2017). He is currently Associate Professor in the Department of Theory and History of Architecture of the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Vallès (ETSAV-UPC), where he shares teaching in different master's programs and researcher at CEAU-FAUP. He was a guest lecturer (2008-09) and Monitor (2002-04) at FAUP. His research focuses on the relationships between theory, criticism, history and design in the Western context of the twentieth century, and more particularly in the Iberian context. Within this vast field of interest is located his doctoral thesis, "Theory and design of architecture in Portugal, 1956-1974: Nuno Portas and Pedro Vieira de Almeida", financed by a grant from the Foundation for Science and Technology. Part of his work has been presented at international congresses and published in different editorial media, and is available on the Academia.edu platform. Tiago Lopes Dias also was collabor researcher of the CEAA - Architecture Studies Group until June 2019, when he became a contracted researcher at CEAU / FAUP, continuing to work with the CEAA under the project Pedro Vieira de Almeida, architect (1933-2011 ).