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Modernity in Debate

The project The Modernity in Debate aims to discuss architects with significant oevre at Amarante and relaunch modern heritage theme. 
Amarante Municipality, promoting the first meeting held on January 8, 2016, made an intentional choiceof studing and publicizing the oevre of the architect Januário Godinho at Amarante.  But, the Municipality also intended to establish the direction and future course of the accion. This would be the first of the several meetings. 
With the support of the Arnaldo Araújo Study Center's Modern Architecture - Disclosure and Preservation thematic area, the goals were set, initially organized through a scientific meeting, an exhibition and a publication in a book . Januário Godinho, architect with notable work in Amarante, was the first theme.
However, the  a goal of the project was, since the first moment, to open the debate to other architects. 
With the organization of these meetings, we wish to celebrate the fruit of the work of architects, researchers and collaborators who, within the mission and current strategic objectives of the institutions involved,has began a study of the recent architectural heritage in Amarante. 
It is also an urgent action to understand and protect buildings considered in risk, as is the case of the Municipal Market of Amarante of Januário Godinho, assuming the City Council, within the framework of a policy of shared responsibility, the commitment to initiate in a sustained and weighted way, the study of this particular heritage.