CEAA - Centro de Estudos Arnaldo Araújo



Keynote addresses

BANDEIRA, Pedro - Photography and "déjà vu" in the architectural culture. Somewhere between theory and practice -

BERGERA, Iñaki - Photography and Modern Architecture in Spain. Focusing the Gaze

TREVISAN, Alexandra - Modern Architecture in Teofilo Rego Archive



BAPTISTA, Paulo Ribeiro - A quest for modernism: Photography and architecture in the works of Mário Novaes, 1920’s-1930’s

BARRETO, Pedro - The ‘Salt of the Stones': Preliminary Remarks on Architecture and Photography – the ZRB files

BOONE, Veronique - Iconic photographs into film. The case of Le Corbusier and his use of photographic language

BORREE, Sarah - Contested rights: architectural photographs as precarious objects

CARDOSO, Alexandra and MAIA, Maria Helena - Photography and vernacular architecture: the Portuguese approach

GONZALEZ CUBERO, Josefina - Shaping Vision: The photographic work by Aris Konstantinidis 

LATIF, Razia - Photographic Interpretations, Imagining and Re-imagining Architecture

MAGGI, Andrea - A photography enquiry on the natural order of architecture. Edward Allen’s picture of trulli building technique

MARTÍNEZ DURAN, Anna, RENTERÍA CANO, Isabela and RUEDA VELÁZQUEZ, Claudia - The photography in the Spanish Pavilion at the IX Trienal, Milán 1951

MARUM, Jorge and RIBEIRO, Daniela - Diane Arbus, Thomas Ruff and Fernando Guerra. Photogenic on the portrait photography and architectural photography

MATEUS, Joana and AZEVEDO, Inês - Mediating and Materializing / Perceiving and Participating: an exhibition script on Photography and Architecture

MELONI, Giaime - The photographic practice for architecture

MESQUITA, António and NETO, Pedro Leão - Portraying Modernism: Ezra Stoller's and Julius Shulman's different approaches

NADOLNY, Adam - The image of modern architecture in the Polish feature films of the 1960s - a photographic recording of modernity

OLDANI, Andrea - Photography, territorial description and design. Proposal for a methodological use of the medium

ORTEGA SANZ, Yolanda - Behind the camera: Catalonian architectural photographers

PIMENTEL, Jorge Cunha - Collages and photomontages in architectural representation. The photographic works of Teófilo Rego

PINTO, Miguel Moreira Pinto - Light Signs, the Work of Teófilo Rego for Neolux

RÍO VÁZQUEZ, Antonio S. and BLANCO AGUEIRA, Sílvia - Visualizing Portugal: Pedro Cid´s Pavilion at 1958 Brussels World’s Fair through photography

SOSA, Marco and AHMAD, Lina - Photography as a tool for archiving modern architecture heritage in the United Arab Emirates

VENEGAS, Maria Catalina - The Photography’s role in the construction of the modernity discourse in Bogotá. Analysis of the PROA Magazine Case (1946-1951)

WILSON, Christopher S. - Seeing Double: Modern Architecture, Photography and the Automobile