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Keynote adresses

PALLINI, Cristina – Modern Architecture in the (re)Making of History. Schools and Museums in Greece, p. 11-23

PIMENTEL, Jorge Cunha – Rogério de Azevedo’s Regionalist Drift, p. 24-39



BIGHAM, Ashley – The Palace as Type. Finding Regionalism in Soviet Modernism, p. 41-53

CARVALHO, Rita Almeida de – The Junta de Colonização Interna and the shaping of the Estado Novo’s peasantry: newness and stagnation of the rural society, p. 54-62

CAPRESI, Vittoria – White Cubism Reloaded. The reinterpretation of Libyan Vernacular Architecture as the Answer to how to build in the Colony, p. 63-75

CESARO, Giorgia – Modernity from Far East. Kazuo Shinohara’s Fourth Space, p. 76-90

CRESCI, Edoardo – Piero Bottoni. Three houses on the Tyrrhenian Sea, p. 91-100

ESENWEIN, Fred – Agrarian Ideals in American Architecture Schools, p. 101-113

HSIAO, Leah – I. M. Pei’s Museum for Chinese Art, Shanghai, 1946. Modernism, regionalism and the search for an architectural representation of national identity, p. 114-127

JADRESIN MILIC, Renata; MADANOVIC, Milica – Romantic Visions vs. Rejection of Ideal Reconstruction, p. 128-143

JANOWSKI, Maciej – The patient searching of new forms of local architecture. Micro-intervention as the strategy of preservation of genius loci in Grison, p. 144-156

KLUSEMANN, Christian – Regionalism in GDR-Modernism of the 1960s and 1970s, p. 157-174

MAIA, Maria Helena; CARDOSO, Alexandra – Nationalism and Rural Modernization. The Spanish Tagus Valley colonization villages in the context of Southern European inner colonization, p. 175-189

MARCOLIN, Paolo – The settlements design of the Boalhosa’s agricultural colony. A dialectical perspective: between tradition and the construction of modernity, p. 190-201

MARGIONE, Emanuela – Italian Modern Architecture Between Rurality and Monumentality. The case study of the Italian New Towns as an experimental territory for the Modern Movement in Italy, p. 202-220

MARICCHIOLO, Luca – The Modern Appropriation of Urban Space Through Mediterranean Medinas, p. 221-236

MELA, Giulia – Luis Barragán and the invention of Mexican Regionalism, p. 237-249

NADOLNY, Adam – A diary of a polish architect and film maker from his travels to the west. Modern Italian architecture in the Polish documentaries dating back to the turn of the 1950s and 1960s, p. 250-264

NEZIK, Christin – The Search for a Contemporary Finnish Architecture. Adaptations of the vernacular tupa in the oeuvre of Herman Gesellius, Armas Lindgren, Eliel Saarinen, and Alvar Aalto, p. 265-280

OLIVEIRA, Tiago Cardoso de – Modern Architecture and Local Tradition in 1950`S Portuguese National Inns (Pousadas de Portugal), p. 281-295

PARRA-MARTINEZ, Jose; CROSSE, John – Lewis Mumford, Henry-Russell Hitchcock and the Rise of “Bay” Regionalism, p. 296-316

PEGIOUDIS, Nikos – An American ‘Parthenon’. Walter Gropius’s Athens US Embassy Building between Regionalism, International Style and National Identities, p. 317-329

PONZIO, Angelica – The [Latin] Modernism of Ponti, Costa and Barragán, p. 330-341

PRISTA, Marta Lalanda – Tradition and modernity in the Portuguese Inner Colonisation: the laboratorial case of Pegões, p. 342-355

ROMA, Chiara – The Space of Pompeian Domus towards Le Corbusier Hospital of Venice, p. 356-369

SAVAS, Aysen – An Early Critique of International Modernism in the Anatolian Context, p. 370-381

SEBESTYÉN, Ágnes Anna – Disseminating the Regional within the Global. Representing Regionalist Ideas and the Global Scale of the Modern Movement in the Hungarian JournalTér és Forma’, p. 382-398

SIMON, Mariann; LACZÓ, Dániel – Deeply Embedded in Tradition. Interpretations of regional roots for modern Hungarian architecture in the 1960s, p. 399-411

SØBERG, Martin – Regionalism and the Functional Tradition in Danish Modern Architecture, p. 412-423

SWIT-JANKOWSKA, Barbara – The Polish Avant-Garde Architecture in the Interwar Period - Regionalism, Nationalism and Modern Architecture, p. 424-436

TERIBA, Adedoyin – Buildings Instead of Discourse. Empathy and Modern Architecture in West Africa, p. 437-448

TSAI, Jung-jen ­– The Construction of Chinese National Identity and the Designs of National Museums during the Early Post-war Period in Taiwan, p. 449-464

VIKHREVA, Natalia – The Roots of Brazilian Modern Architecture, p. 465-473


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