CEAA - Centro de Estudos Arnaldo Araújo


REVISITING POST-CIAM GENERATION. Debates, proposals and intellectual framework





Keynote adresses

BANDEIRINHA, José António – Three buttons on the sleeves.  United States 1960 and Távora’s strangeness, p. 15-27

JANNIÈRE, Hélène –1964. French criticism and its discontents: à propos of a special issue of L’Architecture d’Aujourd'hui, p. 28

MORAVÁNSZKY, Ákos – “Pro and Contra CIAM”: Modernism and its Discontents, p. 29-38

TOSTÕES, Ana – Rebels with a cause. Aldo van Eyck and Pancho Guedes, how to find a meaning for the act of built, p. 39-52



BONFANTE, Francesca; PALLINI, Cristina – The Italian debate after the ‘retreat’, p. 55-67

CHARITONIDOU, Marianna – An action towards Humanization. Doorn manifesto in a transnational perspective, p. 68-86

DELGADO PÁEZ, Fernando – A variable in Paulo Mendes da Rocha’s single-storey houses, p. 87-102

ESTEBAN-MALUENDA, Ana; GIL DONOSO, Eva; TEJERO, Elena – ‘Sesiones de Crítica de Arquitectura’. The change in architectural debate in the Spain of the 1960s, p. 103-119

FERNANDES, Eduardo – The tectonic shift in Fernando Távora’s work in the Post-CIAM years, p. 120-134

FLORES, Joaquim Moura – The Barredo’s urban renewal study – The third way in Portuguese historic cities urban conservation, p. 135-148

GALJER, Jasna – Radical or not at all?  Architectural criticism as a vehicle of CIAM and Team 10 networking in socialist Yugoslavia, p. 149-166

GRIECO, Lorenzo – Breaking Barriers. Giancarlo De Carlo from CIAM to ILAUD, p. 167-180

KOROLIJA, Aleksa – Back to Monumentality. Modernisation and Memorialisation in Post-war Yugoslavia, p. 181-195

KOURNIATI, Marilena – Team 10 The ‘Youngers’ or the construction of ‘another’ avant-garde, p. 196

LOPES DIAS, Tiago– Debating Modern Architecture. A brief account of the Iberian Peninsula circa 1967, p. 197-212

MERINO DEL RÍO, Rebeca – Forum’ Architectural journal as an educational and spreading media in the Netherlands. Influences on Herman Hertzberger, p. 213-231

MINCIACCHI, Lavinia Ann – From ‘Casabella’ to ‘Arquitectura’ – The Italian influence on Portuguese Post-CIAM debate, p. 232-250

NUNES, Jorge – Early years. Manfredo Tafuri and Rem Koolhaas´s first reflections on the Metropolis, p. 251-268

ORTIZ DOS SANTOS, Daniela – Displacement and the Making of Modern Architecture – A South-South Perspective, p. 269-270

SAKKA, Anastasia – Ekistics, or the Science of human settlements, through the paradigm of the Master Plan of Islamabad, p. 271-286

SIEFERT, Rebecca – An American Think Tank with ‘Something too European About it’. Theory, Politics, and Feminism at the IAUS in New York, p. 287-299

SIGGE, Erik – Hereditary structures of influence. Generational succession and international exchange of the Swedish CIAM Group and beyond, p. 300-301

SILVA, João Almeida e –  Learning from EVA - A history of homes that were advertising gifts, p. 302-303

SUNG, Yuchen Sharon – The typology of apartments in the new “Radiant City” in Taichung, Taiwan, p. 304

VELA CASTILLO, Jose – Y el Madrid, Qué, ¿Otra Vez Campeón de Europa? ¿No? /And Real Madrid Once Again European Champion, Right? Spanish architecture and CIAM debates from 1953 to 1959, p. 305-322


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